How do I know if I’m losing weight?

Well, I’m sure ‘using scales’ and ‘using a tape measure’ come to mind but I really wanted to blog today about the other ways that don’t rely on reading figures. Sometimes, it’s the small (or perhaps big) signs that show us that our new lifestyles are paying off and these signs in themselves can be SO motivating! When I started my journey, I wrote a list of all the things my weight and size were stopping me from doing and, oh, what a depressing list it was! But it was the reality check I needed and, I don’t know, putting it in writing just made it more real.

However, now, it’s time for a more positive list and this is what I’ve noticed so far:

  • My clothes are feeling loser. In fact, a T-shirt I couldn’t previously get over my belly is easily going over!
  • I’m walking more quickly
  • My back no longer hurts when I stand up for a while. Before, it could hurt after standing for 5 minutes whilst washing up but I stood the other day for 3 hours whilst chatting to neighbours on VE Day (whilst standing apart, of course!)
  • I’m getting up from the sofa very easily
  • The daily exercises and walking are getting easier and so I’m now holding onto a couple of tins of baked beans to add some weights!
  • My increased stamina makes me less panicky about walking. Just yesterday when I went to the pharmacy for my son, I couldn’t park outside and that’d usually result in trying on another day but, instead, I parked at a car park and walked there
  • I’m not bumping into furniture so easily when it’s a tight spot
  • I can bend over more easily
  • My fingers easily touch when I place them around each wrist
  • Turning over in bed is far easier
  • I don’t feel the fat pushing against my neck when lying on my side
  • I’m starting to feel more confident about going outside whereas I would shut myself away before
  • My husband says that my snoring has improved!

As I read through this list, the words ‘easier‘ and ‘easily’ keep jumping out at me. Yes, that really does sum up my experience so far as daily actions are feeling less effortful.

I also wanted to share a photo of something I had yesterday which was really yummy! It was a mushroom and spinach risotto that took just 3 minutes to microwave but I would love to get to the point where I’m cooking from scratch – but that’s another blog in itself!

Have a great day everyone and stay safe

Love Erika xx

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