How often should I weigh myself?

This is something that I’ve been asking myself and have seen that others question this too. I just thought it might be helpful to think aloud in case it helps you to reflect what works best because, at the end of the day, it’s finding a way that works for YOU!

Let’s look briefly at weighing daily versus once a week (or less frequently).

Pros of daily weighing

  • It can help to get our ‘head in the game’! If we’re potentially people who have days where healthy eating doesn’t happen, seeing the figure on the scales can be a helpful way to start the day
  • If our weight is going down fairly quickly (which may happen more at the beginning of our weight loss journey), it gives us more celebratory days mid-week to enjoy
  • It can give us the daily reminder about how far we’ve come

Cons of daily weighing

  • This is a VERY important con but our weight fluctuates, especially us women! I was reading a blog where someone weighed herself every hour during the course of the day and, by the time she reached her last weigh-in 12 hours after the first, she’d ‘put on’ 6lbs! Now, this isn’t a real increase because she will have had to eat 6 x 3,500 calories in that time. But our weight goes up and down through what we eat, drink, sweat, etc.
  • For some of us, seeing an undesirable figure (including an unchanged figure) on the scales can be very demotivating and could set up us to feel pretty rubbish, even before leaving the house. This is never good for self-esteem.
  • Weighing once a day could create a rather unhealthy obsession and relationship with the scales. This is even more the case if we jump on them several times a day.

Pros of weighing no more than once a week

  • It helps us to see the longer term trajectory and not be swayed by minor increases or decreases each day
  • It helps us to not spend every day worrying about the figure on the scale. It’s just something that happens once a week so we can spend our mental energy focusing on other things

Cons of weighing no more than once a week

  • To be honest, I’m having difficulties thinking of any cons! I guess the one that comes to mind is that without the daily reminder for some of us, the determination to watch the diet and exercise could slip….and those extra midweek calories then add up, leading to disappointing results on weigh-in day

So, what I am doing?

So, reading through the above, I can see why weighing weekly sounds like absolutely the best way to go but, whilst I started doing it this way, I decided to move to daily more recently. I couldn’t have done it years ago because it would probably have become an obsession but I think I’m now strong enough mentally to not have the scales dictate how I’m feeling about myself. I know that not every day is going to bring a ‘wahoo’ moment and I’m okay with that. But I personally find that just getting on the scales reminds me to be good, make healthy choices and burn away the fat through sensible exercise. The scales are my friend, not my enemy.

So, my conclusion? There’s no right or wrong answer! Do what suits YOU best in a way that keeps your body healthy but, very importantly, keeps your mind healthy too!

What do you do? I’d love to know! You might be someone who’s ditched the scales altogether. Whatever you do, I’d love to hear

Love Erika xx

7 thoughts on “How often should I weigh myself?

  1. Thank you for posting. I think the frequency of weighing is very much a personal choice just as you state. I tend to weigh myself every other day. I have an app that recognises that daily weigh-ins can be incredibly varied, particularly depending on what time of day, water retention, etc. But the app does an aggregate weight, to give a more accurate idea of how much you truly weigh. Good luck with your continued health kick.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I think it’s so important to recognise that it is such a personal choice. Sometimes, it’s easy to read comments online where we are told not to do this or not to do that! It’s what ever works for us. Really glad that you have that app. Isn’t technology great?! 👍

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  2. I used to weigh myself several times a day until my husband took the battery out of the scale. Now I weigh whenever he forgets to take it out lol but its great because I’m focusing more on how I feel and how my clothes feel as opposed to the number on the scale. You have some very valid points of weighing more regularly though, and I agree; as long as it isn’t messing with your brain, go ahead!

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    1. Hi Shelley. Many thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, absolutely, there are many non-scale victories to be had such as the way that your clothes feel and it’s not all about those figures on the scales 😊

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  3. I have an extremely unhealthy relationship with my scale. I go to bed looking forward to stepping on it first thing. My goal for the week is to skip one day. So I would say. If you don’t let your scale dictate your every calorie your every step, you are doing great!

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    1. Hi Libby. It sounds like you’re really insightful. Missing a day may feel really uncomfortable but sometimes it can be good for us to challenge our anxieties around it. Until we do, the fear of it can be worse than actually doing it.

      It can take a lot of practice in bringing ourselves kind thoughts so sending you a huge hug XX


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