Are you peeing enough?!

Hey guys

Well, never did I think I’d post with this as a title but today’s short blog is about losing weight and popping to the bathroom. You see, it’s so easy to find that you’re dehydrated without realising. I’ve heard it from a few places that the point of feeling thirsty means you’re already dehydrated so, as I rarely get thirsty, I thought I’d be okay. But no!

Last night, I jumped onto my flashy scales that I posted about the other day and it showed me that my body water percentage is extremely low. And, with my weight loss stalling recently despite making good food choices, this makes sense. If I’m dehydrated, my body is going to hold onto any fluid I am taking in. And if I’m dehydrated, I’m less likely to go to the bathroom for any reason…and, well, yes, this results in constipation too! No wonder why I’ve felt incredibly sluggish this week and the scales haven’t been showing any new figures.

So, folks, drink! Not only does water fill you up and make it less likely you’ll turn to the cookie jar but it’s good for getting your body working properly. So, time to drink lots and see if I can get the scales by my next weigh in on Monday.

Have a great weekend, everyone

Love Erika xx

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