When your mind tells you to sit in the big chair

Hello folks

I had a HUGE revelation this week! With being in some pain yesterday with my feet, I popped along to a medical walk-in centre which was eerily quiet due to Covid. Once I got through the initial questions to make sure I was Covid-safe, I was asked to take a seat and this tiny act is what this extra post is about today.

You see, in the waiting room, there were regular-sized chairs dotted about and also some that were clearly wider than others. And where did I sit? Yes, I instinctively went for one of these wider chairs because that’s what I’ve done for years. I’ve feared chairs with arms because I’ve not always been able to fit. And I sat there for a moment sensing lots of space either side of me before daring to ask myself “I wonder! I wonder if I’ll fit in that standard-sized chair over there. Do I take that risk?” The other thing to ask myself was how it’d look to the receptionists and nurses behind the screened off desk. It might look a bit silly for someone to get out of a chair in an otherwise empty room and move to another one for no apparent reason but this was my opportunity to take a chance…and so I did. And, yes!!! I could sit there without my body touching either arm! Gosh, I wanted to cry with happiness but I just sang a victory song in my head and gave myself permission to feel a tiny bit smug!

It’s these non-scale victories that are there to be celebrated, these victories that others may not ‘get’ but, boy, help us walk along with a spring in our step. And I can’t wait to one day check out other seats like planes, theatres and rollercoasters. Perhaps I can start to imagine life without continually thinking “Will I fit?”

Love Erika xx

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