Christmas Day… this year versus last year :)

Hey folks

How do we measure non-scale progress? For me, one way is to look back on where I was this time last year and so, back on Christmas Day 2019, what was it like living in my body? Yes, I was 112 lbs heavier than now but what else was happening?

  • I remember sitting uncomfortably on the sofa, aware that I was perhaps taking up more than half of the sofa designed for two people
  • I remember washing up, struggling with back ache after just a few minutes and therefore needing to do it in stages
  • I remember struggling to pick up something off the floor whilst sitting on the sofa
  • I remember having coming back from the beautiful Belgian city of Brussels 3 days earlier, loving the city in its festive spirit but aware how physically exhausting it was walking around
  • I remember being aware that I needed to lose weight but completely lacking motivation

This year, I’m wearing clothes 5 sizes smaller, I’m feeling much more comfortable in my body and the washing up? Easy! One of my Christmas presents is a fabulous book called ‘101 Weekends in Europe‘ which I’d asked for as I’m now far more likely to be able to fit in a plane seat and, once Covid allows, I’m going to be jet setting probably once or twice a month for weekends away. There’ll be no stopping me! Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Rome and SO many places!

But, guys, I’ve also made a decision this afternoon. I need to do a bit of self care and so I’m going to take off the next week or so from blogging. I guess I need a very short break during which I want to focus on making good food choices and see if I can maintain when I’m at. But once we hit New Year’s Day, my weight loss journey will continue and I’ll be blogging about the remaining 59 lbs left to go. So, I hope that’s okay but, goodness, I’ll be back very soon and I hope you’ll still be around to join me on this journey.

So, my lovelies, here’s to a happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates it and let’s make 2021 a fabulous year. Whilst there are many things we can’t control, there are certain things we can and that’s what I’ll be focusing on

Love Erika xx

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