Rewards to celebrate weight loss

I wasn’t going to blog until the end of the week but I’ve been thinking about how I’m rewarding myself after this week’s weigh-in. Of course, our choice of well-earned rewards will depend on budget, perhaps how significant these particular milestone are to us, etc. but hopefully this give you some ideas too.

Have a massageNew outfit or the whole wardrobe!Ornament for house/gardenNew necklace/ bracelet/cufflinks
Cinema/download a filmSubscribe to blog about your journeyDay trip to somewhere newNew bike
Charms for a braceletFitness trackerNew pair of scalesBouquet of flowers
A week’s worth of cooking kitsPersonal trainer sessionBoot camp sessionTree/shrub
Weekend breakMagazine subscriptionFood prep gadgetNew pjs or dressing gown
Manicure/pedicureDownload a gameDownload an album/trackBeauty products
Hair makeoverPersonal shopper experienceUpgrade phoneArt work/wall hanging
Photo shoot of the new youNew water bottleNew bag/purse/walletHave your car valeted
Personal chef for the eveningLuxury bath/shower productsRevamp makeup including new bagBird feeder/bath
New shoes/bootsBucket list experience Jigsaw or craft kitDIY gadget
Pay-to-view music or sports eventMotivational fridge magnetWrite a letter to yourself about how you’re now feelingTest drive your dream car
Eat at your dream restaurantNew beltNew candleNew poster for your room
Rent a musical instrument for a week/monthTrial horse riding lessonNew fragranceBe treated to breakfast in bed
‘Me’ day with the children looked after elsewhereNew journalNew beddingBottle of your best tipple

What have I chosen? You’ll have to wait to find out. Photos coming later this week ❀

Love Erika xx

P.S. Please feel free to share this post if you think it’d inspire others (plus, of course, any of my other posts!)

7 thoughts on “Rewards to celebrate weight loss

  1. I love these ideas. I’ve got to get out of the mentality of having a takeaway as my reward. Just looking forward to the end of lockdown and maybe having some of these becoming reality.

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    1. Ah, in fact, by writing these out, I knew which one I could reward myself with now as, yes, there are others post-Covid I’ll be able to do/get. My reward arrives tomo 😊 But a takeaway is yummy πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


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