Rooted to the couch? One top tip to get you moving!

Hello folks

So, this post isn’t about how to do a 5K, what to do at the gym or what to look for in a personal trainer. It’s really aimed at the very basic level of even getting off the couch when we find ourselves sitting there for hours. It may be to do with our mental health, such as depression. It may be to do with just not finding the motivation to move our bodies. It may be that we feel hopeless about the weight loss journey in front of us.

So, today’s blog is all about how to get started. I’ve had times when I’ve found myself rooted to my couch, binge watching something that didn’t really grab me but, somehow, time whizzed by. You know… one episode leads to another and all that! This is my number 1 tip:

Put on commercial TV that has regular breaks.

Get moving as soon as the commercials start.

On the days when I’m feeling especially tired, I use these 2-3 minutes here and there to get jobs done and it’s amazing what I can achieve in that time. When I sit back down, I think about what I’ll do during the next commercial break like empty the dishwasher, strip the bed. If you find this works, you could then reverse the process where you pace the room whilst watching whatever and use the commercial breaks to sit down. At the end of the day, it’s about mind games and strategies to push that comfort zone for the steps to add up but in a way that feels doable.

Talking of steps, I’ve found it helpful to work towards shiny medals which you can read about HERE. Now, I know from online communities that there are two camps about how to count your steps for these medals that get posted to you. One camp says that counting your everyday steps is cheating. You MUST count only those from walks, jogs or runs that are part of ‘official’ exercise. But I’m in the other camp and I say this as someone who couldn’t walk 100 metres a year ago without being in pain and being out of breath. If even moving off the couch is a huge achievement for you, count every step! Count anything that celebrates how you’re making a change in pursuit of your goals. Your medal; your way!

I’ll be back on Friday but there’s so much to share with you over the coming months. And I now have 11 days to go until I hit the first anniversary of the start of my weight loss journey so there might be some reflection about what a difference a year makes!

Love Erika xx

4 thoughts on “Rooted to the couch? One top tip to get you moving!

  1. “You MUST count only those from walks, jogs or runs that are part of ‘official’ exercise.”

    Ugh, this sort of gatekeeping really annoys me. People stick all kinds of rules and qualifiers on stuff that has no real barrier to entry. You may as well say something like “Your opinion is only valid if you’re eating a spoonful of what you’re shoveling”

    You never know who might have a view similar to yours but encounters the purityrannical gatekeepers first… and stays unhappy, unmotivated, and unhealthy because they’re “doing it wrong”.

    Okay, sorry for the rant. 😀

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  2. If you’re binge watching something without commercials, you can also let the show play the entire credits and get moving during the credits. It’s only a little time but if each show is 22 minutes and you watch for a few hours, you’ll get a 5-10 minutes of exercise. If you do something like squats or pushups you can really get your heart rate up!

    Ang |

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