Can you build a career stemming from your own weight loss?

Hey folks

Although I usually plan my posts, I guess today’s is one of those where I truly don’t know how it might end but this is where my thinking’s at:

  • I like people 🙂
  • I like supporting people who are struggling with one thing or another
  • I’m on a huge weight loss journey right now where I’m putting in as much effort into my thought processes as I am into what I’m eating and how I’m working out
  • I’m pretty good at breaking huge goals into tiny ones that are achievable
  • I really hope that I’m inspiring even just one person because I ‘get it’ when it comes to being bigger than hoped and how being a certain size impacts daily life in so many ways
  • I have a business head which has served me very well

So, I could offer 1:1 online mentoring for those wishing to lose weight. I’d be clear that I’m not a therapist but I’m someone with ‘lived experience’ although I do have formal training in the use of counselling skills. This mentoring would be tailored to suit the individual but it’s likely to cover their history of eating and weight loss/gain, the reasons behind their eating, the chance to set tiny goals both scale and non-scale related that are frequently reviewed, resilience building, the psychology behind making weight loss sustainable, etc. In addition, I could offer one-off workshops to inspire others and bring in my personal story. But this is where it gets tricky! I’m this person who hides behind my screen with only one person following my blog who knows me in real life (hello you!) so ‘coming out’ in a more visible way feels a tad bit scary. If I market myself as someone who’s lost more than 170 lbs altogether, people may be able to take a rough guess how much I weighed at my heaviest… and we know that I don’t tell people my weight! So, I need to think this through…

— ❤ —

But before I go…… guess what?! The scales have dropped since Monday….. by TWO POUNDS!!! So, I’m one, yes ONE, pound away from Onederland and I’m going to be straight on here as soon as I see a sub-200 number appear on the scales. I’m apologising now in advance but that post is just going to be an incredibly emotional, excitable Erika blogging in disbelief! Onederland is almost here, whether it’s tomorrow or another day!!

Love Erika xx

3 thoughts on “Can you build a career stemming from your own weight loss?

  1. “I’m not one to tell people my weight…. [shows scale image]” 😀

    I think you’re closer to the person you think you are than you think you are… how’s that for a convoluted sentence? I would offer a couple of things to factor into your thoughts.

    1) you’ll have to get comfortable(er) with your own story… it’ll be a rare person who’s willing to work with someone who’s guarded about her own past process. The wins are easy to share, but the lows are where you’re going to be needed most.

    2) get legal advice before you do anything official — or even before you get too far down this line of thinking. I don’t know what sort of bureaucratic nonsense you’ll have to go through for what you’re thinking about, but I’m familiar enough with the UK to know there’s going to be enough BS to wade through, it’ll make this whole weight-loss process seem painless. (It’s not any better over here, by the way — bureaucracy is everywhere).

    For what it’s worth, I know you can do it — you’ve been an inspiration to me already.

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    1. 🤣 re the scale!! I know, right?!

      And absolutely agree about having to be comfortable with my own story. I’m a long way from that point so I need to think long and hard about how willing I am to be very open. Building a mentoring relationship would need to be built on trust and openness. And it may be that it’s something I won’t do, at least for quite a long time. And yes, one step at a time exploring all the legal, ethical and practical elements too.

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