After losing 130 lbs, I’ve reached ONEderland!!!!!

Oh. My. Word! I’ve done it!!!!!!

— ❤ —

For anyone who’s only just now coming across my blog, a huge ‘hello” to you! I’m just a regular 40-something year old who’s on a huge weight loss journey and who, as of today, has lost 130 lbs since 14th February last year. 21 lbs were lost prior to blogging and then a further 109 lbs since posting 2 – 3 times a week sharing in my inner most thoughts.

Part of me thought I’d never see my weight go below 200 lbs but part of me did….. and it’s because I visualise success. Like when I wanted to fit into my jeans, I pictured myself wearing them, how I’d feel, etc. and that really helped spur me on. And I pictured seeing the scales show my weight beginning with a 1 and that’s exactly what I saw this morning. If I can picture where my journey’s heading, I’m more likely to stay on it…. at least, that works for me!

For major milestones, I treat myself and I’ve bought two things to celebrate this one:

  • Apple Air Pods Pro which I’m having delivered tonight (I love companies that can deliver the same day!)
  • A little charm to go on my keys which is a number ‘1’. Thing is, if people see this charm, they won’t know the significance of what it means to me but it’s my secret reminder of how today feels.

And do you know what? I’m just 2-3 lbs away from another HUGE milestone as I’m almost out of the obese category. My BMI started out at 50 so this feels like a massive accomplishment……

I’ll be back on Monday with my next official weekly weigh-in but spoiler alert… there’ll be lots of positive things to celebrate 🙂

Wishing you a great weekend

Love Erika xx

6 thoughts on “After losing 130 lbs, I’ve reached ONEderland!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Matt. Buzzing to have the next milestone around the corner but taking time to enjoy this one too. Will not celebrate success with a huge sticky chocolate cake… although that sounds almighty tempting 🤣

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      1. It’s funny you say that! In November, I’d been flirting with the 230s after riding a plateau for a long time. I had finally dipped to 239-ish… the week of Thanksgiving dinner. I’m only now consistently weighing in at or under 239. So avoiding the sticky chocolate cake is probably wise… let me be your bad example! 😀

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