Being brave and going out during daylight!

Hey guys

I don’t usually blog at the weekend but I’m currently on a walk and, unlike the walks I’ve gone on so far this week, it’s daylight! In the past hour, there’s been sunshine, rain and even hailstones but after feeling a bit meh today, I thought I would get out there and dust off any negative thoughts 😀 So, these photos won’t mean much to anyone else but, to me, here’s me saying that I don’t need to hide away! It’s okay to be seen. I’ve even discovered a monastery hidden deep in the woods. Despite living in the village for 18 years, there’s so much more still to discover…

Time to head home as my ears are frozen but I’ll see you on Monday for my next weigh-in

Love Erika xx

4 thoughts on “Being brave and going out during daylight!

  1. Whoa, careful there! You don’t want to conquer all your fears in one winter… what’ll you do next winter?

    Nah, I’m kidding: slay those dragons.

    (and nice pics too).

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    1. 🤣 thank you, Matt! Yep, totally spontaneous walk today but I chose to seize the moment. And I felt better in myself by the time I got home 😊 Once lockdown is over, I’ll be heading out all over the place, abseiling, zip wiring, horse riding, helicopter flying, jetting off for weekends…. there’ll be no stopping me 😊

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      1. See? That’s great…
        Now what will be awesome to see is your jetting off for the weekend to do some horseback abseiling from a helicopter.
        Please get video!

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