Those jeans I couldn’t get into? I’ve bought a belt!


Well, my plan for today’s post was to keep writing about how I’ll be continuing with my weight loss journey after lockdown finishes but I had to come on here to share something completely different. I’ve bought a belt for my jeans! And it’s size ‘MEDIUM’!!

The reason why the jeans are so significant is that, back in July, I couldn’t get into them. They went up no further than my knees but I decided to try them on once a month and take a photo. Finally, in December, I could do up the button! Documenting my journey through photos was extraordinarily motivating because there were times when the scales hadn’t shifted hugely yet I could sense the changes in my body and it helped to focus on the non-scale victories too.

Since then, my jeans are now very much gaping at the waist and the belt will be delivered later on today. Yay! But I ticked off another ‘push that comfort zone’ challenge yesterday as whilst I’ve worn my jeans around the house, I wore them outside yesterday for the first time! Yes, I revealed to the world that I…. have …. legs!

Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Monday with my next weigh-in.

Love Erika xx

6 thoughts on “Those jeans I couldn’t get into? I’ve bought a belt!

    1. Hey Matt. Wasn’t sure if you were providing a link there but I Googled ZZ Top, wondering what the link might have been …. and found a song called Belt Buckle! Now, either my power of deduction skills are pretty good today or I’m way off the mark!

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      1. Oh! over here, it showed the video: ZZ Top Legs

        You said “Yes, I revealed to the world that I…. have …. legs!” and it made me think of that song.

        (I’m not the biggest ZZ Top fan, really; but the intro line is what popped into my head).

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