How have I not discovered egg whites before now?!

Hey guys

Whilst I may be in the UK, I watch a lot of US TV around food, diet and obesity. From watching every season of The Biggest Loser to My 600 lb Life (I love Dr Nowzaradan!), these shows really inspire me. But I’m also aware that certain foods appear to be more prominent in the US compared to here. For example, I often see low-cal turkey bacon mentioned on US-based social media groups and egg whites too. I mean, we have eggs here! But buying egg whites on their own isn’t a thing in the UK…. so I thought.

For tonight’s dinner, I cooked 200g mushrooms, 80g spinach and 3 egg whites along with 3 calories of oil, and yum indeed. There’s a reason why I’m sharing the before photo and not the after one as the final product wasn’t pretty! But I’ve discovered today that the supermarket we usually buy from stocks cartons of egg white. Game changer!!! One egg white is only 17 calories compared to around 74 calories for an egg and I have to say that the omelette-kinda-thing I ate really didn’t miss the yolks at all. It was just as filling though I might add a teaspoon of herbs next time. I guess you can add some Parmesan too. For someone who strongly dislikes cooking and can think of many things more exciting than standing at the hob, this took no more than 10 minutes to cook up 🙂

I’d love to know what your top low-cal foods are and/or if there are foods you hear about but can’t get hold of.

Hope to be back on Friday although my next two days for work are super busy including a meeting where I’ve been asked to meet a firm of psychiatrists to work alongside them which is super exciting! So, I’ll do my best to blog on Friday but, if not, definitely at the weekend

Love Erika xx

10 thoughts on “How have I not discovered egg whites before now?!

    1. So great to know you like these shows too, Ang. Yes, I think Dr Now’s great. Tells people he’s proud of them when they’re putting their all into the process… but will call people out when what they say and the figure on the scales don’t tally. Just amazing to see. We have a programme here called 10 Years Younger (which I think might be in the US too?)… it’s inspirational to see people’s appearance change but, even more, their confidence

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      1. Ten Years Younger? I’ve never heard of it. Is that a weight loss support group? Here in Canada we have WeightWatchers and Overeaters Anonymous but I don’t know of any others. Maybe in more populated provinces like Ontario.

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      2. Ah, no, it’s a TV show where people have complete makeovers. The ones in the current series being shown in the U.K. have followed huge weight losses and people adjusting to their new way of being. Transformations are inspiring.

        But, yes, we have those groups in the U.K. and the NHS runs weight loss support programmes too for free.

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    1. Also, don’t pay more for pre-separated eggs — we have an egg separator:

      Turkey bacon, by the way, is a fraud. It’s awful and (in my opinion) shouldn’t exist at all — at least not under the moniker of “bacon”. Two slices of bacon have the same calories more or less as a large egg (~80… At least here in the States. I have no experience with calories in UK E&B, as Wodehouse put it).

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  1. Oh, but the yolk of the egg is where all the good stuff is. And by good stuff, I mean a lot of the nutrients that are healthy are found in the yolk.

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