THIS shows me how far I’ve come!

Hello guys

Sometimes, I find it hard to think back to where I started off 14 months ago except that I weighed 329 lbs. However, yesterday, I was flicking through my Filofax where I found something I’d written. It’s not dated but I seem to recall it being reasonably close to the beginning because, weeks later, we were in lockdown and therefore I certainly wasn’t meeting friends for lunch! Anyway, this is what it says…

I now feel more comfortable when I’m asleep

I don’t feel the fat around my neck so much

I got behind the restaurant table when I met up with Claire

I walked to the post box there and back without stopping

I don’t get out of my breath when I walk upstairs

The sofa no longer squeaks when I sit down

#small things #tiny goals #Illgetthere

This is precious! This illustrates how far I’ve come on this journey. Little things, eh?! Yes, it’s good to look ahead to our goals but goodness it’s great to glance in that rear view mirror to see where we’ve come from and smile!

Love Erika xx

4 thoughts on “THIS shows me how far I’ve come!

  1. You’ve discovered a trick to help you be happy — or at least happier — with where you are in your journey.

    Often, if you’re queued up somewhere — stuck in traffic, or a long line at the post office, whatever — it’s often easy to focus on how much farther you have to go… but by looking back and recognizing you’re ahead of all the people behind you, it can have the effect of alleviating, if not removing, the stress you’re dealing with of being “behind”.

    It’s never good to lose focus on the future and where you want to go; but when things slow down or are at a standstill for a while, looking back at where you’ve come from is a perfectly valid way to maintain motivation.

    Take care of yourself and keep on rocking your wins.

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