My belt has run out of holes!

Hi folks

Just a quick post today as I’m super busy with work but my belt has run out of holes! Yes, this is the belt that I need for the jeans that are getting too big although I’m a bit mystified as the belt is a ‘medium’.

Something that’s been puzzling me over the past few days is my body shape. I know our bodies change over time but I’m now lighter than 10 years ago when I lost a lot of weight… and in fact I’m the lightest I’ve been for 24 years. 10 years ago, I was wearing clothes a whole size down and people were telling me to stop losing weight as I was looking skinny (despite actually being overweight!). This time, I’ve got so much loose skin on my belly, going from the top of my thighs to my knees, on my upper arms. So, if I’ve got this excess skin that’s making me bulkier in certain areas, are there parts of me that are actually smaller than last time? How can I be lighter because I don’t physically feel it? I did have a friend tell me last night that I’m looking skinny… not in a “Hey, look at you girl!” way but actually concerned. What I don’t want to say is “I’m overweight“! And I had a pharmacist who hasn’t seen me for about 5 months exclaim when I walked in today about how much I’ve lost. She said “You’re not going to lose any more, are you?“. This was so awkward to answer but I spoke honestly and said “Yes, a bit more“…. to which she commented that I don’t need to and I need to buy smaller clothes. To be honest, comments about weight loss are feeling a bit awkward and the more I see people as we come out of lockdown, the harder it’s going to be. The pharmacy (who is really lovely and I’ve got to know a bit over the past 2-3 years) did ask how much I’ve lost and how I’m doing it…. mmm… “Eating less; moving more“. I don’t need to tell her what’s really going on!

Anyway, that’s me for today and I’ll be back either Friday or Saturday to continue thinking a bit more about what I’ve just written….

Hope you have a good day

Love Erika xx

4 thoughts on “My belt has run out of holes!

    1. I know, right?!!! Actually, I’ve saved a fortune buying an entirely new wardrobe buying quite a bit second hand… but designer stuff, etc. So cool to think “How do I want to dress as me now?”!!!

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  1. I love that feeling when you end up being like, “Gasp! Oh no! I must buy more clothes! Oh what struggles must I face next…” and then proceed to buy all the nice cute new things haha

    Congrats on the weight loss though! And I imagine those comments that are becoming concerned about your loss possibly come from adapting to the change. It sounds like you’ve lost quite a large amount, but as long as you stay safe doing it then you have everything you need to reassure them you’re fine 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it cool buying new clothes?! I. Must. Stop. Buying. Though!!

      Yes, unfortunately I’ve slipped into atypical anorexia but, with virtually half my original body weight lost 15 months, it’s been a fine line between ‘hey, let’s be a super successful dieter’ and those old eating disorders creep in. But I’m sure I’ll get back on track and hopefully get healthy again. So much in life to enjoy and I want to be well 😊


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