Week 59: a conscious decision to break away from the scales

Hey folks

After taking most of last week off from blogging, I made a decision this morning. You see, I usually do a weigh-in on a Monday, keen to see if another pound has come off. However, I’m also aware that I’ve become a slave to the scales, often jumping on 15-20 times a day, and I’ve concluded that I need to stop this. Yes, today is the first day for over a year that I haven’t jumped on the scales…

And it feels uneasy! It feels wrong right now but I guess that’s to be expected when I’ve formed this obsessive habit. Whilst I’ll take it a day at a time, my target is see if I can go a week without getting on them and, instead, listen intuitively to my body.

What’s happened this week?

  • I finally found somewhere that can offer me some genuine and reliable support with my atypical anorexia
  • I went on funfair rides! Feel free to check out my post from the other day here but it was just brilliant to not have to worry about whether I could fit.

What could Erika improve on?

  • Increase my calories…. yes, still finding this hard

Erika’s next target(s):

  • Stay off the scales until next Monday at the earliest

— ❤ —

I’m feeling pretty nervous right now as I’ve got a 90 minute consultation with a specialist dietitian later on today. I don’t know about other countries but, here in the UK, there’s an important difference between a dietitian (which is a protected occupational title where people need to have gone through the right training) and a nutritionist (which anyone can refer to themselves as). I’ll tell you later in the week how it goes but the aim is to see how I can try to increase my calorie intake into the healthy range in a safe way. She did ask me about my weight which I just couldn’t bring myself to say but thankfully she said in our quick call the other day that we can still work together. I’ve then got a 4 hour breakthrough session with the centre’s top director in just over 2 weeks’ time to work on the psychological aspect of what’s keeping me in this headspace. So, whilst the concept of recovery is scary, I’m hopeful again that things will shift.

As ever, please feel free to share your diet / weight-related successes, frustrations or anything else on your mind and I’ll be back later in the week. As for today, I’m rocking my ripped jeans 🙂

Take care

Love Erika xx

Recordable weight loss including 21 lbs lost before bloggingStill to lose:Current weight:BMI:
164 lbs7 lbs165 lbs24.9
Plus 21 lbs lostPlprior to blogging

6 thoughts on “Week 59: a conscious decision to break away from the scales

  1. I’m so proud of you for making this decision. Constant weighing can add to the weight obsession that comes with anorexia. It certainly doesn’t help that our weight can fluctuate from day to day, and generally goes up throughout the day. Weighing once a week is a good choice.

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  2. I’m with Ang: this is an excellent idea.

    I think you’re focusing on the right thing now, getting help with your process. Perhaps being able to tell your weight to your pros is a good thing to consider: look at how far you’ve come.

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    1. Thank you so much, Matt. I’ve just this moment finished the consultation with the dietitian from which I’ve not only come away with some really important medical knowledge but also positivity… and a plan to increase my calories by about 300 calories a day… which terrifies me but I have to step out of this comfort zone. More about that later in the week but thank you

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