Week 64: Weird yet great to wear something new!

Hello guys

A slightly different-to-usual post for a Monday because I wanted to share something with you that happened on Saturday.

On Friday, I got brave and posted some photos on here with me wearing various clothes that had long been in my ‘mmm, might get into that one day’ pile. I really wasn’t sure about sharing but I was left feeling proud that I’d posted the photos because it was way out of my comfort zone and that’s where change can happen, isn’t it. If we do the same things within our comfort zone, are we really making progress when progress is something we’re ultimately aiming for? But the photos were taken in my bedroom and, goodness, I daren’t show people that I actually have legs!!!!!

But here in the UK, the weather has been beautiful and so I took my progress to the next level on Saturday. First of all, I wore what I wanted to wear rather than what I thought I should wear and that meant stepping out of my bedroom in the outfit below. My hubby and adult children were the first to see and it felt awkward wearing something very different to my usual ‘I must cover myself up’ approach! But they were great and so I knew I needed to push it further. I wore the outfit all day which was perfect for the heat and despite not going out anywhere as such, I wore these clothes when answering the door for a few deliveries we were expecting and to our wheelie bins outside a few times. Just stepping over the threshold of our front door was scary but I did it! Yes, I really did it. Once I have my car back in a couple of days, my next target is to wear the outfit to a shop. I guess this is all about incrementally pushing that comfort zone where one day I might be thinking “Meh…. what comfort zone?”!!

I’ve a clearer idea about coping with and/or addressing my excess skin so I’ll be back later this week to talk you though my thought process and see what I next put in place.

Take care

Love Erika xx

Recordable weight loss Still to lose:Current weight:BMI:
164 lbs (last recordable weight)7 lbs165 lbs24.9
Not currently doing weekly weigh-ins as I’m trying to not be a slave to the scales! But recordable weight loss includes 21 lbs lost just prior to blogging

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