Week 66: I ‘flew’ on the world’s fastest zip wire!

Hey folks

So, first of all, no weigh in this week after all as I was away yesterday morning and I don’t know….. Monday morning has always been the time when I’ve taken the figure on the scales as my official figure. But I will update you next week.

However, why was I not here dutifully standing on the scales? Because I went away this weekend and had a blast! I spent a couple of days in beautiful Wales and, with it being my first trip away in 18 months due to Covid, I can’t tell you how much fitter I felt now that I’m more than 160 lbs down. I was climbing over walls, strolling along mountain streams and almost running up stairs! But I also got to tick off something on my weight loss bucket list. I went on the world’s fastest zip wire which, at over 1.5 km, is also Europe’s longest. This is something that I could haven’t done 18 months ago due to being over the weight limit.

I did have a moment of absolute panic. I didn’t realise that I had jumped onto some scales, revealing my weight to a young guy behind the counter. As part of the check in process, I was asked to stand on an X which I did without questioning, assuming it was some type of ID thing. It wasn’t until I got off that I realised what I’d done. But as I say, it was a moment of absolute panic. That moment came to an end and it would have been merely a figure to him before moving onto the next. The other moment that I found hard was when I was kitted up and had staff working there tugging at the harness that I’d been strapped into. Some parts of me are bony but I also have an incredible amount of excess skin which I’m struggling with and I felt horrible but I could put those thoughts aside (until I had therapy later in the day) and get on to have one of the most thrilling, exhilarating, liberating experiences of my life.

The dreaded scales… but I survived!

There are two zip lines at Zip World in north Wales (about a 20 minute drive from Bangor) and, on both, you lie horizontally, flying through the air whilst attached to the overhead cable. Flying over the quarry and the turquoise water below was thrilling enough on the first one and then, after a 15 minute ascent to the second launch station, it was a mere 55 second drop but wow wow wow!!!!!!! I LOVED it!!!! It’s actually really exciting to be discovering that I’m someone who loves outdoor pursuits and who knows what more I’ll be doing as I start to accept and perhaps love me and my body.

About to launch from the lower of the two zip lines
After the first zip line, it’s a 15 minute ascent by army truck to the top launch station
Time to launch!
See ya!

Well, I know what’s next. I’m abseiling from the UK’s highest sculpture next Sunday, I’ve a helicopter lesson in September, I’m horse riding in September (plus hopefully some other activities I’m looking into for my trip to Cornwall) and then I’m driving a Ferrari in October. These are all things that I was previously too heavy or large to do at 329 lbs. If you’re on a weight loss journey and you find yourself feeling stuck, my advice is to imagine what you’d like to be able to do at your target weight – whether it’s imagining yourself wearing size ‘X’ or doing some incredible activity. If we can visualise our future success, perhaps it makes it more likely we’ll get there and not feel stuck where we are at the moment.

I’ll be back later this week as I’m making the call tomorrow to a place about treatment for excess skin. I might even share a photo of me wearing a tea dress – something I’ve wanted to wear for a while ❤ and then next Monday I’ll be sharing my new weight and chatting through all things abseiling-related!

Love Erika xx

P.S. Just throwing in a couple of photos of my walks around Snowdonia

The lonely Tree of Llanberis – yes, that really is what it’s known as!
Blessed with beautiful weather on my 24 hour trip in Wales

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