Week 69 weigh-in: These scale numbers are NEW!

Hey guys

First, I’m soooo sorry. This weigh-in comes a whopping 4 days past my usual Monday weigh-ins as I had something that I got caught up with but, hey, better late than never! I’m just bursting to crack on with this week’s report card so let’s take a look:

What’s happened this week?

  • I’m now under 11 stone
  • I’ve lost more than 12.5 stone in all
  • My weight’s in the low 150 lbs having started at 329
  • My weight, in terms of kilograms, is now in the 60s
  • My BMI’s very close to going under 23
  • My body fat percentage is very close to going under 27 %
  • I’ve seen numbers on the scales today that I cannot recall EVER seeing!
  • I’m wearing smaller jeans despite the excess skin (US size 8, UK size 12)
  • I’m drinking so much more fluid than before
  • I’m working out daily but in a fun way
  • I’m eating a wider variety of food than in previous few months

What could Erika improve on?

  • I’m aware that I’ve already gone past my ultimate weight loss goal and I need to not keep thinking “a bit more, a bit more” with the atypical anorexic voice…

Erika’s next target(s):

  • ….. but saying that, I’d just like to get into the 140 lbs so that leaves 4 lbs to go…. after which I think that’s my settling point to then maintain

— ❤ —

So, I was exactly 7 lbs when I was born but the lightest I can ever recall seeing on the scales is 11 stone 2 (i.e. 156 lbs) when I was 18 and I never thought I’d ever see 10 stone-anything crop up on my scales…. but I have today! Having now lost 176 lbs in all, I can’t tell you how more easily my body moves. Yes, I have significant excess skin, yes it’s uncomfortable when I sit on a hard surface because my body is lacking definition but I feel free. I’ve started doing dance aerobics each day and that puts a huge smile on my face! Honestly, putting on my favourite music tracks and just moving is really making a difference to the scales again. When I started out on this journey 18 months ago, I dared to visualise how things would be if I were lighter and smaller but my reality right now is so much better than anything I could picture.

This weekend, I’m finally ticking off another experience from my weight loss bucket list after it being postponed before but I’ll tell you more on Monday. And I guess this links to what I’ve just said above about feeling free. I had felt so trapped at the beginning of 2020, very aware how my weight and size were stopping me from doing things, not only in terms of confidence but there were things I couldn’t physically do. And I’m now in a place where I have more freedom about what to wear, about doing these experiences that come with a weight limit, etc. If you’re feeling stuck where you are with weight loss, please know that I ‘get it’. I’ve been there. I’ve been in that place thinking that things weren’t going to change. But it really can change by starting with tiny goals and just daring to visualise how things can be. And if dancing around the house to cheesy 1980s pop gets you moving more, well, why not! Let’s crank up the volume and dance like no one’s watching!

As ever, please feel free to share your diet / weight-related successes, frustrations or anything else on your mind. Have a good weekend, everyone

Take care

Love Erika xx

Total recordable weight loss:Current weight:BMI:
176 lbs153 lbs23.1
Original ultimate weight loss goal was to get to 158 lbs

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