About me

It’s time to get serious about my weight

Hey folks. You found me, hidden amongst no doubt countless other weight loss blogs so, first of all, well done! Second, welcome! When writing about myself, I’ll probably be echoing the voices of many other people out there who aren’t happy with their weight, whether they have 7 lbs or 300 lbs to lose. I may have become a dab hand at covering up myself with baggy clothing right to the ground but it’s not good under there, trust me. However, this blog is about my weight loss journey which is going to take time and I hope it particularly inspires those who have a lot of weight to lose. This isn’t going to be a quick fix so whilst I hope it helps others, I’m really hoping that sharing my journey and inner most thoughts will keep me on the straight and narrow. Let’s do this together. And perhaps one day I’ll even put a photo of me up here!

Let’s get blogging

Love Erika xx