Week 68 weigh-in: I DID IT!!!!

Hello guys

Oh….my…..goodness!!!!! I started this journey almost 18 months ago at a weight of 329 lbs and my BMI at 50. My goal? To lose 150 lbs in addition to the 21 lbs I’d already lost. The thought of getting out of the obese or overweight categories seemed like a pipe dream but I knew that I had to just focus on each tiny goal at a time and not see it as a diet. As time went on, I dared to wonder if I could get down to my 1996 wedding weight of 170 lbs before our silver anniversary later this month with the aim to lose the rest by the end of 2021. But I passed this milestone early and therefore I wondered if I really could reach that ultimate goal of 158 before the anniversary. Well, I’ve done it! Today, I’ve hit 157 lbs which takes me more securely into the healthy range with my BMI now 23.6…. and that’s including significant excess skin. In fact, I cannot recall EVER EVER EVER being lower than 156 so I do plan to lose another 2 lbs to see 155 magically appear!

— ❤ —

From 329 to 157 lbs!!


— ❤ —

BMI from 50 to under 25 (but actually now under 24!)


— ❤ —

No longer being super obese (BMI 50+)
No longer being morbidly obese (BMI 40-49.9)
No longer being in the upper obese range (BMI 35-39.9)
No longer being obese (BMI 30-34.9)
No longer being overweight (BMI 25-29.9) because I’m a HEALTHY WEIGHT! (BMI 19-24)

— ❤ —

However, I’m still going to blog at least once a week for two reasons. First, as those who’ve been following my blog will know, I’m currently in treatment for atypical anorexia and I hope that being open about this struggle will help at least one person out there. Second, the next stage is about maintenance and that’s why I set myself the target of getting to 158 lbs. This is 7 lbs into the healthy range and I don’t expect to remain this exact weight. However, by keeping an eye on my weight and giving myself a 7 lb buffer, I can allow my weight to slightly fluctuate (which is normal!!) but have a point at which I’d want to take action again if I go into the overweight category. I’m hoping this is a healthy approach to maintenance.

I’ll be back later this week to talk through things non-scale related. You see, when I started out on this journey, I used visualisation to imagine how things could be if I was anywhere near my weight loss goal in terms of how I’d feel. So, I’ll be back to share how life has totally changed, not just the scales, and I’ll also tell you about a weekly class I’ve just signed up to start next month which will keep me fit. As ever, please feel free to share your own weight loss journey, your achievements, your frustrations, whatever’s on your mind.

Take care

Love Erika xx

Recordable weight lossStill to lose:Current weight:BMI:
172 lbs 0 lb157 lbs23.6
Including 21 lbs lost prior to blogging

5 top tips to get into the dieting mindset

Hey folks

Now, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll notice that I rarely call what I’m doing a ‘diet’. For me, it’s a lifestyle change as I tend to think that a diet has short-term connotations but it’s just semantics.

For years, I sensed that I was bigger than I should be. I didn’t dare get on the scales or catch myself in a full size mirror but I knew that I was bigger than I’d ever been. So, when I finally discovered that my weight loss journey was starting at 329 lbs and a BMI of 50, it was scary. But let me share with you my 5 top tips that have so far led me to lose almost 90 lbs since mid-February. Hopefully sharing this will inspire at least one person.

  1. How is your weight or size affecting you NOW?

I guess I’d encourage people to think about what’s the reason for even starting the weight loss journey. For me, I started feeling the fat on the back of my neck when sitting down, I was becoming aware of COVID mortality rates and obesity, and I knew that I was basically missing out on so much. I hadn’t flown on a plane for years, I hid away from people. I was avoiding seeing doctors. Also, as a carer, I had a big wake up call that I needed to be healthy to look after my son.

2. What will change if you lose weight or get fitter?

Can you visualise this new ‘you’ when you’re smaller? For me, I could visualise it although much of my adult life has been spent on the large size but I pictured being able to wear skinny jeans, jumping on planes to go away for weekend trips all over Europe, being able to walk for hours with little exhaustion, I could visualise not worrying if I’d fit in a chair, etc. I may have a long way to go but I feel so different. I’ve even discovered a love for exercise having done Couch to 5K whilst still morbidly obese and I’m doing the London marathon next month! My confidence is rocketing.

3. Take stock of now.

The biggest advice is to know your starting weight. I feared the scales as it meant staring at reality in the face but you need that starting point. Measure your chest, waist, hips, belly and any other body part you’re not happy with. Take ‘honest’ photos of yourself. As you start to lose weight and take photos, measure, etc. having those comparisons can be mind blowing. It may be that the scales don’t shift much but your body IS changing. On the 26th of each month, I now try on my skinny jeans and they’re slowly working their way up my legs!

4. Embrace the mini goals.

If I was focusing only on how I’m going to lose 150 lbs (plus 21 lbs before I started blogging), I might have given up ages ago! There’s no way I’d keep focused. I have some many mini goals that I find easy to track using the MY Weight app. I’m always aiming for the next 1/2 BMI point, the next 1/2 percent of fat, the next group of 5lbs, the next half stone, etc. Almost every time I lose a pound, I’m ticking off another mini goal.

5. Make it sustainable.

I won’t even attempt to think about how many diets are out there and of course we’ll all have different views about works well for us. For me, I’m keeping it simple. For me, no meal replacement drinks or keto as I don’t think I’d sustain that. I get into a calorie deficit and consume around 1200 a day without tracking macros. I aim to burn 2,800 – 3,300 a day through workouts. I eat only between noon and 8pm. Because I’m eating what I want to eat and I just keep an eye on portion sizes, it means that I still have the stamina to keep going until the button on those jeans does up easily.

If you’re on this weight loss journey, what’s helping you? If you wish you could be, what do think are your barriers? I’d love to hear .

Have a great weekend, everyone

Love Erika xx