Week 54 weigh-in: I’m back in my little red dress!!!!

Hey guys

AAGGHH!!!!!! I’m so amazed that I’ve got back into this dress but, before I show you, let’s take a look at this week’s report card:

What’s happened this week?

  • I lost 2 lbs
  • My weight’s now in the lower 170 lbs
  • My BMI is now in the lower 26s
  • I’ve acknowledged that I need help and I’ve reached out for support with my eating disorder. So, I’ve an online meeting later on today with a specialist.

What could Erika improve on?

  • Increase my calories…. yes, still finding this hard…
  • Drink more water and less diet soda

Erika’s next target(s):

  • 2 lbs until my BMI is in the 25s!!!!!
  • 3 lbs until I can go horse riding at a nearby stables (although I can ride elsewhere)
  • 3 lbs until I’m at my wedding weight from nearly 25 years ago
  • 8 lbs until my weight’s in the healthy range (just over half a stone!)
  • 8 lbs until I’ve lost half of my original weight!
  • 15 lbs until my ultimate goal so that I have a 7 lb buffer to stay in the healthy range!

I am BEYOND excited today! I bought a little red dress 25 years ago which I’ve worn in public once but I managed to try it on again 10 years ago when I lost a lot of weight. Clothes have come and gone in that time but this dress has remained in my wardrobe as the ‘When I can get back into this, I know I’ve done well‘ piece of clothing. I was sorting out my clothes earlier and thought I’d try it on…. guessing that the zip wouldn’t go all the way up but, yes, it did! This is such a non-scale victory!

I’ll be back on Wednesday but, as ever, please feel free to share your diet / weight-related successes, frustrations or anything else on your mind.

Take care

Love Erika xx

Recordable weight loss since starting to blog:Still to lose:Current weight:BMI:
135 lbs15 lbs173 lbs26.2
Plus 21 lbs lost prior to blogging

Week 44 weigh-in: my scales are stubborn!

Hey folks

You know, I was hoping to come on today to tell you that I’ve finally reached Onederland but have the scales moved this week? No! In the past, I would’ve become frustrated but I have a choice about how to feel about this. I can either think “Well, I’ve failed then, haven’t I? What was the point of even trying this week? I’ll never get there” OR I can think “Well, that’s okay. Scale-related change doesn’t happen every week yet there can be changes in other areas such as my body slowly shrinking. And I know that when the scales have stagnated in the past, I then have a flurry of pounds coming off“. I remember when I was very close to no longer being in the morbidly obese range, that final stretch seemed to take forever and I was keen for it to happen far sooner but becoming frustrated isn’t going to speed up the process, is it?! So, I’m not going to do anything different this week as my approach to losing weight has worked really well for over a year and I’m going to look forward to celebrating this next milestone another day….

What’s Erika done well this week?

  • I looked after myself this week. I dyed my hair the other night and felt so much better afterwards
  • I took out the wheelie bin during daylight (that’s a big achievement for me!)
  • I did 2 x 10km walks last week and the medals are on their way to me
  • I kept myself hydrated

What could Erika improve on?

  • Nothing this week 🙂

Erika’s next target(s):

  • 2 lbs until my BMI is under 30.5 and I will have lost 75% of my excess weight
  • 3 lbs until I’m in Onederland (yes, I’ll be less than 200 lbs)
  • 6 lbs until I’ve lost 9.5 stone
  • 6 lbs until my BMI is under 30 and I’ll be overweight… might even be 5 lbs and a few ounces

I’ll be to back on Wednesday to talk about possible career plans using my experience of losing weight. Until then, please feel free to share your own experiences including celebrations or frustrations and any questions you’d like to ask me!

Love Erika xx

Recordable weight loss since blogging:Still to lose:Current weight:BMI:
106 lbs44 lbs202 lbs30.7
Plus 21 lbs lost prior to blogging

The fear of the doctors’ scales… part 2


Stop reading!! If you haven’t yet read part 1 about how scared I am to reveal my weight to any medical professional, I’d encourage you check out this link first. For those who’ve read part 1 or perhaps don’t have the time / inclination to read it, I’m going to recap what happened at the end of Wednesday’s blog where I started a conversation with myself. In this imaginary (but pretty realistic) scenario, I’ve been asked to get on the scales. I’ve refused because, well, I’m terrified (along with a huge dose of stubbornness!). The doctor wants to explore this much to my annoyance but I don’t want to look too much like a rebel so I’m trying to cooperate. And I’ve started to share why it’s okay for me to know my weight (and share it on my blog) but why I’m terrified for making this figure official to a medical professional. So, let’s carry on with the conversation….

  • Hey Erika, so, what did you take away from our conversation on Wednesday?
  • Yeah, it was useful to explore my thoughts. I don’t know whether they made any sense whatsoever but I know how my irrational fear of scales, anything body or medical related is getting in the way of engaging with the practice. And this is going to sound really bad but if I suspected that I might be seriously ill, I don’t know how willing I’d be to even make an appointment… which isn’t good. So, yes, it’s made me think over the past couple of days.
  • That’s great. So, p’haps you can share a bit more about your thoughts?
  • So, I really get that knowing my weight is important in terms of monitoring my health and I also know that getting on scales is something that probably loads of people do without a second thought or making some huge song-and-dance about it. And, yes, I know this figure is about where I’m at today, it’s soon going to go down anyway, my weight is only one part of me, it doesn’t define me, blah, blah, blah. I get all of that.
  • Erika, I get where you’re coming from and people have fears about all kinds of things. Needles, flying, spiders, dogs….and your fear is about me knowing your weight. But you’re recognising there’re good reasons to jump on…
  • (Thinks to self: Is she about to ask me to get on?) Mmmm…..
  • So, let’s stop talking about it. Just get on. Just face the fear. Think of all the things you’ve overcome during the years, much bigger and more serious things than a pair of scales. It’s just an object. It’s just a figure. So, c’mon.
  • (Help. I want to, I don’t want to, I want to , I don’t want to,,,,) But what if…
  • (Doctor interrupts)….c’mon. Stop talking. Just get on.
  • (I just want to cry and run away but I know she’s right) Okay, here goes (Why am I crying? Seriously girl!!!!)
  • ….and you can get off. You did it. You got on. How’re you feeling?
  • (Takes a deep breath). Mixed. Ashamed. Proud. Embarrassed about turning this into a huge ordeal. But I got on. Nothing bad happened.
  • Exactly. And, yes, you know your weight and, yes, your BMI’s in the 31s but you mentioned on Wednesday that you’re putting things in place. You’re SO close to getting out of the obese range. How much weight have you lost since last year?
  • Yeah, more than 120 lbs.
  • That’s amazing!! I don’t need to give you advice or anything like that as you’ve got this. Do you know what your BMI was?
  • 50
  • Wow, Erika, you’ve done this without bariatric surgery. Many people think surgery is the easy option but it’s not… not when it comes to sustaining weight loss. But you would’ve qualified for that.
  • Yes, I did contemplate if surgery might have been the way to go and I’m really pleased I’ve done it without as I’m working on my head and my whole attitude. So, thank you. Yep, really pleased. Done it. Think I’ll tell my blogging pals now!

When I finished part 1 on Wednesday, I truly didn’t know whether I’d get on these hypothetical scales. But, in my head, I’ve got on. I don’t know why but going through this process has unearthed that a lot of my fear is about getting told off for my weight. And I wonder if it links back to a comment someone made during my first pregnancy when I gained weight early on. Perhaps. I wasn’t expecting that revelation but it’s helpful to think about where fear originates from in order to make sense of it. So, yes, I did get on. And I survived to tell the tale. And if I really do get on the scales one day, I’ll be sure to share this with you!

Sunday marks exactly one year since I started this journey (though I’ve blogged since April) so I’ll be back on Monday with some reflection and my next weigh-in but wishing you all a great weekend

Love Erika xx

The fear of the doctors’ scales

Hey guys

I’m feeling creative today! When exploring how even the thought of being weighed by a doctor sends a shockwave through my body, I’ve decided to deviate from my usual style of blogging and do it through the art of conversation that will give you insight into how my delightfully complex mind works. “A conversation? From sitting behind your keyboard, Erika?” Yes! I might be writing this script by imagining that I’ve been asked to get on the scales and every part of me just wants to run out of that room, close the door and never return. But I guess what I’m tapping into are the different voices or parts of ourselves that bring out our reasonable or rebellious personality traits. I could try to dress this up as a Freudian’s psychodynamic exploration of the human psyche but let’s see where this conversation takes me. Let’s set the scene. It’s Wednesday morning. I’ve spent the past two weeks feeling the anxiety intensify since making the appointment for a check-up and I’ve somehow got myself into the consultation room with a doctor.

  • Okay Erika, if you’d just like to jump on the scales please.
  • (Thinks to self: Well, it’s not a question of ‘just’ popping on, thank you very much! Why did I make this appointment?!) I’m really sorry but I don’t want to. (Notices puzzled look on doctor’s face)
  • Ah, why’s that?
  • All I know is that scales scare me and I don’t want to get on.
  • I hear you. I’m not exactly going to force you on there but perhaps we can talk this through.
  • (Nooo, I don’t want to verbalise my thoughts because I’m trying hard to come across as a competent adult and you’re going to realise that I have these illogical thoughts. But I need to give the impression that I’m playing ball here… as long as this does not end with me jumping on the scales!). Okay, that sounds useful.
  • So, Erika, when I say about jumping on the scales, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
  • Fear. Immense fear.
  • Right, I hear that. What’s the fear about?
  • Because if I get on the scales, you’ll then know my weight. That makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • Yes, I guess I’ll see what it says. Do you know what your weight is?
  • Yes, I do.
  • Okay, is it safe to say that this is about me knowing your weight?
  • 100%, yes! I guess I want to be so much lighter than I am now but I’m working on that and I’ve actually been blogging about my weight loss over the past year. I record my weight on there (Erika, what’ve you done?!!! Why mention the blog? What if she now comes across it and works out who you are! I mean, doctors are clever. She’ll know it’s me!)
  • So, you feel comfortable sharing your weight with people you don’t know?
  • Yes as I can hide behind my keyboard. I guess it feels safer.
  • You’re doing great talking about this with me, Erika. Let’s keep going with this as I think we’re getting there.
  • (Noooo! Can’t we stop there?!!. I know for a fact you’ve got a long patient list today). Mmmmm, right.
  • Okay. So, do you feel embarrassed about your weight?
  • Yes, I know I’ve come from being super morbidly obese and that’s not where I am now… but I don’t want this figure to become official on my health records.
  • But you mentioned that you’ve made amazing progress over the past year and seeing the figure just shows us where you are today – not where you’re going end up with the work you’re putting in.
  • True
  • Anything else?
  • Well, I know I have a history of eating disorders where everything becomes about numbers, such as calories eaten, calories burnt, heart tracing stats, blood test stats, etc. I just feel uncomfortable if everything becomes about the figure on the scales too. I think I could get obsessive about that figure. Not that I’m going to suddenly restrict as I have in the past to extremely low levels but I guess I’m aware that sharing my weight could make me desperate to lower it incredibly quickly… perhaps out of shame.
  • Well, I hear you Erika and, yes, there’s much more to eating disorders than BMI so it’s one figure amongst many. Does that make sense? And just think that you’ve made some huge changes to the way you think about food so whilst you think you could suddenly restrict, that won’t necessary happen. Try focusing on the long term goals, like changing your relationship with food, if you haven’t already.
  • Yes, it does make sense and, yes, that’s true.
  • Erika, can you think why I’d like to know your weight?
  • Yeah, all the health risks linked to being overweight or obese. I know my blood pressure’s absolutely fine and my BMI’s reduced lots but what if you then put me on the obesity register…if there’s such a thing. I wonder if I’d feel more comfortable about this once my BMI goes under 30 (Drat!!!!!! Stupid Erika! She now knows I am obese….and there I was tying to disguise this with my choice of clothes!!).
  • Mmmm, you’re great at deflecting, are you, Erika!!!! So, once your BMI gets to 29 point something, you’ll jump on? Or will you tell me that you’ll feel more comfortable once your BMI’s under 25?
  • (Foiled!!! She’s good at this!) Yeah, it’s like you know me. It might come across like I’m not listening and I’m not taking on board what you’re saying but I am. Honestly. I need to think about this. Can I call you very briefly on Friday about this?
  • Okay Erika. I know you’ll think it through. Why not share this conversation on your blog? Do you think that will help?
  • Oh, I’m one step ahead of you there, doctor!!!!!

Wow, okay, that’s far longer than I thought it would be with no resolution yet so, y’ know, I’m going to do part 2 of this conversation with myself on Friday. I’m going to keep you in suspense for now as I don’t know whether I’m going to get on the hypothetical scales at the end of this but this has helped. And thank you for bearing with me, you lovely group of people!

Love Erika xx (EDIT: feel free to read Friday’s blog here to see how the conversation ended!!)

Week 41 weigh-in: I got brave and told someone my weight!

Hey guys

When on a weight loss journey, progress can be measured in many different ways – not just what the figure on the scales says – but I’ve spent the past 25 or so years terrified for anyone to know this figure as if it’s the most secretive thing in the world. Yes, throughout pregnancies, throughout a life-threatening eating disorder, I’ve refused to let anyone in real life know my weight and I’ve had this fear at the back of my mind about needing surgery one day and not even letting the anaesthetist in on my secret to keep me medically safe. “It’s only a figure” some might say but, I don’t know, it’s always seemed much more than that. I’m still beyond scared for anyone ‘official’ to know my weight which I’ll explore in a blog later on this week but, over the weekend, I told a friend during a Zoom chat…. and I survived! In fact, I’d built it up in my mind over the past couple of decades that saying my weight would be some traumatic, hold-it-right-there event when everything around me would freeze but it felt nothing like that. So, I’m counting this one as another non-scale victory because it may reflect the changes I’m seeing in myself and how I’m learning to accept myself for who I am

Okay, onto this week’s report card:

What’s Erika done well this week?

  • I haven’t lost anything this week but I’m okay with this. Why? I know that weight loss may not happen every week and it’s about building resilience to cope with times like these and not feel as if I should throw in the towel.
  • I bought a dress that doesn’t go to the floor! Yes, I’ve actually bought a dress that will reveal I do indeed have legs. It hasn’t arrived yet but hopefully will later on this week when I can share a photo with you.
  • Although the scales haven’t shifted this week, I’m acknowledging how my body continues to evolve, especially my upper body where back fat is disappearing fast, my collarbones now protrude and my waist is down to 35.5 inches. Also, I wore a US size 8 / UK size 12 jumper over the weekend which felt SO good!
  • I bought a ‘vibration plate’!!! I do like a gadget so I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks trying this out to see if it does what it says on the box before sharing my thoughts with you.

What could Erika improve on?

  • I need to build up my exercise. Last summer, I had fitness medal after fitness medal being delivered and they’ve really slowed down so, from today, I’m going to make sure that I get in at least 5K every day.

Erika’s next target(s):

  • 2 lbs until my BMI is in the lower 31s
  • 5 lbs until I’ve lost 9 stone in all
  • 9 lbs until I’m in Onederland (yes, I’ll be less than 200 lbs)
  • 12 lbs until I’m no longer obese as I’ll be overweight

I’ll be back on Wednesday to think through why I won’t tell a doctor my weight but, until then, please feel free to share your own experiences including celebrations or frustrations and any questions you’d like to ask me!

Love Erika xx

Recordable weight loss since blogging:Still to lose:Current weight:BMI:
100 lbs50 lbs208 lbs31.6
Plus 21 lbs lost prior to blogging

Weight loss plateaus: how to cope with them and how to break them

Hey folks

Today is all about that dreaded ‘P word‘ in this world of weight loss… plateaus. Our pounds are coming off, we’re celebrating change and then bam! Weight loss slows down or just stops. Your weight might even fluctuate over a range of figures on the scales and you may feel like you’ll never get out of it. Last week, I blogged about all the reasons not to give up but today I’m focusing on my approach to not getting frustrated when weight loss slows down and my thoughts about how to break them.


What is a plateau?

According to Weight Watchers, it’s when metabolism slows down or halts your weight loss so that despite eating the same number of calories as you were, the scales aren’t really budging over a few weeks. This can be as a result of losing lean muscle tissue or physiological changes. But a plateau can also happen if you’re perhaps not quite focusing on your intake and exercise as much as before.


So, how do I break a plateau?

First advice from me is to check whether you’re counting all those calories. It’s so easy for a biscuit or an extra spoonful of sugar in your tea to add up here and there. Portions might be getting bigger again or perhaps emotional eating is creeping in. So, take stock. One thing I’ve done before is to take photos of everything I’m eating because I’ve had days (this is pre-weight loss) when I realised at night how much I’d consumed. There were times when I couldn’t remember eating something! At that point, I didn’t have the motivation to do anything about it but it made me ‘food aware’. Other options are to write everything down or use a calorie app to track your food.

Second, if you really are sticking to good food choices, beware that you may be taking in the right number of calories for your starting weight but perhaps you need fewer now. So, use an online calorie calculator to check how many calories you need for your current weight.

Third, you’ll find a host of advice online about things you can do to raise your metabolism, from eating spicy food to calorie cycling (when you alternate between high and low numbers). From having a cheat meal to covering yourself in cling film so that you sweat away! Two consistent pieces of advice I’ve come across though are drinking lots of water and increasing your activity levels so that you’re burning calories and therefore increasing your lean muscle again. This might include high intensity workouts, going for long walks or parking at the space furthest away from the store…anything to get you moving more than you were!


But I need a break from losing weight

And that’s okay. You see, we all need a break sometimes and it may be that you need to take out some time where maintaining is the right thing for your body and your mind. Celebrate your journey so far! Think of how far you’ve come and, when you’re ready to refocus, you can carry on from where you got to. Weight loss isn’t a race. There’s rarely a set time by which you need to have reached a certain figure. Be kind to yourself ❤

And you know, those pounds will shift at some point. Perhaps not this week, perhaps not next week, but they’ll come off. Hold onto the hope. And if you do lose a pound, remember my recent post, it’s never ‘just’ a pound!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and I’ll be back on Monday with my next weigh-in

Love Erika xx

Are you peeing enough?!

Hey guys

Well, never did I think I’d post with this as a title but today’s short blog is about losing weight and popping to the bathroom. You see, it’s so easy to find that you’re dehydrated without realising. I’ve heard it from a few places that the point of feeling thirsty means you’re already dehydrated so, as I rarely get thirsty, I thought I’d be okay. But no!

Last night, I jumped onto my flashy scales that I posted about the other day and it showed me that my body water percentage is extremely low. And, with my weight loss stalling recently despite making good food choices, this makes sense. If I’m dehydrated, my body is going to hold onto any fluid I am taking in. And if I’m dehydrated, I’m less likely to go to the bathroom for any reason…and, well, yes, this results in constipation too! No wonder why I’ve felt incredibly sluggish this week and the scales haven’t been showing any new figures.

So, folks, drink! Not only does water fill you up and make it less likely you’ll turn to the cookie jar but it’s good for getting your body working properly. So, time to drink lots and see if I can get the scales by my next weigh in on Monday.

Have a great weekend, everyone

Love Erika xx

Week 24 weigh-in: shiny new scales have arrived :)

Hey folks

So, I’ve decided to treat myself to some shiny, sparkly, all-knowing bathroom scales…and, to be honest, my initial excitement has turned into a mix of curiosity and fear!

Why am I curious? These scales tell me more than just my weight. Up until now, I’ve been using the Weight Watchers Precision Glass Scales which have been fabulous. I could jump on and off several times yet see the same figure on there, giving me confidence about their accuracy. These were £15 here in the UK (just under $20 USD).

But I’m getting curious about other stats too because the weight-loss app I use automatically calculates my body fat based on my weight so I’ve upgraded to the Weight Watchers Ultimate Precision Body Analyser Scale. A bit of a fancy name, eh! As well as body fat, these scales show me my body water, bone percentage and show me my BMI too. These were £30 (just under $40 USD).

So, here’s where the fear comes in. I’m curious about what figures are going to pop up on the display but what if they tell me that I’m heavier than I’ve been recording? What if they tell me that I’ve much further to go on my weight loss journey? You know, the best thing is just to get on and really embrace the adage “Face the fear and do it anyway“. So, that’s what I’ll do when the scales come out of quarantine on Wednesday (as all our parcels automatically get put aside right now). I’ll let you know next Monday but I’ll jump on both scales to see if they’re coming up with the same figure. For now, here’s my weekly report card….

What’s Erika done well this week?

  • I’ve lost 1lb. Weight loss has really slowed down recently so every lb feels like even more of a victory!
  • I’ve signed up to do a 10K run at the end of the month

What could Erika improve on?

  • I’ve been slacking on the exercise side this week so I’m going to make sure that I get off that sofa in the coming days
  • I also need to take in more fluid….as in all fluid. So, time to grab the water bottle

Erika’s next target(s):

  • celebrate holding the London Marathon medal that should be on its way soon!
  • 1 more lb until I can have a helicopter lesson
  • 3 more lbs until I’ve lost 100 lbs in total and my BMI is under 35

And finally, I thought I’d share with you what my app is currently showing. Can you see how close I am to 100 lbs? Soooo close! Come on, Erika. You can do this!! As I point out time-to-time, this shows the 21 lbs I lost prior to starting to blog which is why my overall aim is to lose 171 lbs and not ‘just’ the 150 lbs of my blog title. Wow. A rather big figure when I write it down!!

I’ll be back Thursday/Friday but hope you have a super week

Love Erika xx

Recordable weight loss since blogging:Still to lose:Current weight:BMI:
76 lbs74 lbs232 lbs35.3
Plus 21 lbs lost prior to blogging

What does the figure on the scale mean to you?

Hey folks

I was watching a hospital-based documentary last night when an elderly woman was talking about how her daughter ‘ballooned’ to 18 stone……and it was like a wave shame came over me because 18 stone (which is how weight is often talked about in the UK) is equivalent to 252 lbs. At my last weigh-in on Monday, my weight was 256 lbs……so I felt like a rather sad balloon. But then it struck me how we can think about weight very differently.

So, I just wanted to brainstorm the different ways that my current weight (256 lbs) could be thought of (with my view in bold):

  • Wow. I hope I’m never THAT big
  • Someone who’s 256 lbs clearly has no discipline and probably isn’t very reliable
  • I hope someone who’s 256 lbs is okay. I wonder if s/he eats to bring comfort
  • I remember when I was 256 lbs. I can’t believe that I’m now this lesser weight. That took hard work
  • When I was 256 lbs, I didn’t think about what I was eating and I felt free but I now find myself continuously thinking about food and rather obsessed about not gaining it back.
  • I’m 256 lbs and I hate where I am. I’m ashamed. I’m going to be here forever
  • I’m 256 lbs but it’s because nobody supports me. It’s other people’s fault
  • I’m 256 lbs but I don’t even think about my weight. I’m just ‘me’
  • I’m 256 lbs and I love my curvy body
  • I’m 256 lbs and I’m so proud of how I’ve got here
  • I’m 256 lbs but just passing by as my weight journey is continuing downwards
  • I’m 256 lbs. This is my starting point and I’ve a long way to go but I’ve got this
  • Wow! 256 lbs is my goal weight! I can’t imagine ever being that small. I’d be positively skinny!
  • I don’t think I’ll ever get down to 256 lbs. I’m stuck here at this weight

No doubt, there’s a whole myriad of other perspectives but I think this goes to show that our perception of the figure on the scales can vary hugely and it’s all about mental attitude…and where we are ourselves. I’ll admit that I wish my weight loss journey hadn’t started at such a high point because I’d be much further along by now but I’ve already gone through the 320s, 310s, 300s, 290s, 280s, 270s, 260s and I’ll be under 250 before I know it.

I’ll be back on Monday. Not sure if I’m going to lose weight this week but my body is changing right SO MUCH now! My back fat is disappearing, my legs are getting more toned, I’m moving quicker/more easily and clothes are getting loose….I’m loving it!

Have a great weekend

Love Erika xx

How often should I weigh myself?

This is something that I’ve been asking myself and have seen that others question this too. I just thought it might be helpful to think aloud in case it helps you to reflect what works best because, at the end of the day, it’s finding a way that works for YOU!

Let’s look briefly at weighing daily versus once a week (or less frequently).

Pros of daily weighing

  • It can help to get our ‘head in the game’! If we’re potentially people who have days where healthy eating doesn’t happen, seeing the figure on the scales can be a helpful way to start the day
  • If our weight is going down fairly quickly (which may happen more at the beginning of our weight loss journey), it gives us more celebratory days mid-week to enjoy
  • It can give us the daily reminder about how far we’ve come

Cons of daily weighing

  • This is a VERY important con but our weight fluctuates, especially us women! I was reading a blog where someone weighed herself every hour during the course of the day and, by the time she reached her last weigh-in 12 hours after the first, she’d ‘put on’ 6lbs! Now, this isn’t a real increase because she will have had to eat 6 x 3,500 calories in that time. But our weight goes up and down through what we eat, drink, sweat, etc.
  • For some of us, seeing an undesirable figure (including an unchanged figure) on the scales can be very demotivating and could set up us to feel pretty rubbish, even before leaving the house. This is never good for self-esteem.
  • Weighing once a day could create a rather unhealthy obsession and relationship with the scales. This is even more the case if we jump on them several times a day.

Pros of weighing no more than once a week

  • It helps us to see the longer term trajectory and not be swayed by minor increases or decreases each day
  • It helps us to not spend every day worrying about the figure on the scale. It’s just something that happens once a week so we can spend our mental energy focusing on other things

Cons of weighing no more than once a week

  • To be honest, I’m having difficulties thinking of any cons! I guess the one that comes to mind is that without the daily reminder for some of us, the determination to watch the diet and exercise could slip….and those extra midweek calories then add up, leading to disappointing results on weigh-in day

So, what I am doing?

So, reading through the above, I can see why weighing weekly sounds like absolutely the best way to go but, whilst I started doing it this way, I decided to move to daily more recently. I couldn’t have done it years ago because it would probably have become an obsession but I think I’m now strong enough mentally to not have the scales dictate how I’m feeling about myself. I know that not every day is going to bring a ‘wahoo’ moment and I’m okay with that. But I personally find that just getting on the scales reminds me to be good, make healthy choices and burn away the fat through sensible exercise. The scales are my friend, not my enemy.

So, my conclusion? There’s no right or wrong answer! Do what suits YOU best in a way that keeps your body healthy but, very importantly, keeps your mind healthy too!

What do you do? I’d love to know! You might be someone who’s ditched the scales altogether. Whatever you do, I’d love to hear

Love Erika xx