When I lose weight, I will…

What will you do as you lose weight? Do you have any goals – both short-term and long-term? There are so many things that my weight has stopped me from doing, either because I’ve just been too heavy, too big or my confidence has been zapped. So, taken from one of my posts, here’s my list that I’ll mark each time I can claim success!

  • be able to put my feet together when I stand up………….ACHIEVED!!!
  • get into a dress that I wore on a cruise 2 years ago
  • wear ankle boots that don’t cut into my large calves
  • be able to wear 3/4 trousers once my legs are slimmer
  • be able to kneel down without experiencing excruciating pain in my legs
  • wear Wellington boots (haven’t worn for years)
  • be able to complete Couch to 5K
  • be able to run a half marathon of 13.1 miles
  • get back into my 10 year old jeans (UK size 14)
  • fly on a plane knowing that I can comfortably fit in the seat
  • go to the cinema without worrying if I can fit in the seat
  • be able to resume smear tests (pap tests) without utter embarrassment (I currently privately pay for a test I administer myself at home and then send off)
  • ditch the maxi skirts that I wear every single day!
  • take a gondola ride in Venice, Italy with confidence
  • ride a horse (local riding school quotes 196lb maximum weight)
  • have a helicopter flying lesson (231lb maximum weight)
  • be able to go on a hot air balloon (roughly 252lb maximum weight)
  • go down Zip Wire Velocity 2 in North Wales which is over 1,500 metres long and involves going over 100 miles an hour (264lb maximum weight)

Love Erika xx